Antoine Leger Senior Instructor

Driven by fascination for seeing the surroundings from above, I started flying helicopters 20 years ago. When traveling to remote areas like great Canadian north, I was struck by beauty and wide open spaces, which later ignited my ♥ story for cameras. ❂ Heli Drone Images specializes in aerial photography and videography for: TV & Movie Productions, Real Estate, Agriculture, Engineering Inspections, Architecture Inspections, Quebec ACT-122, Infra-red Surveillance. ✇✇✇ UAV ✇✇✇✇ Drones ✇✇✇✇ RPASS ✇✇✇✇ UAV ✇✇✇✇ Drones ✇ Video travelling, UHD 4K, Gyro-Stabilize, 24-30 fms, Provide awesome aerial footage for a fraction of the price of a helicopter! ❂ Heli Drone Services provides both pilots and aircraft suited for your needs and budget. Certified by Transport Canada via an annual SFOC; Special Flight Operators Certificate. I offer the best and safest solution for your aerial shoots, I have more than 1000 hours in the aerial photography outlet. I rapidly understand what you need, therefore I can help you save time and money. I can also assist in obtaining authorizations and supervising communications to involved authorities. Linkedin -
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