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The Canadian drone academy was hired by Havergal School in Toronto, Ontario to come to give a half day experience with drones to 24 girls.  This first time experience allows students to get a general overview of how drones work and the history of drones and where the industry and technology is headed.  We then give each student a hands of experience with the drones by letting them pilot one of our little tiny 25 gram drones.  The students had a great first time experience and had fun doing it while learning about drones and STEM.  We believe this is a winning combination and every student gave us positive feedback and the headmaster has invited us back to do more experiential learning days like so and are even interested in creating their own drone club! 

If your school is interested please check out our stem curriculum for schools



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Canadian drone academy was invited by HumanitarianU to participate in their live training exercises over a period of 2 days with over 50 participants learning to utilize drones to help them do recon safely. We did 6 1 hour training with 7 students and have to show them the basics of setting up the drone and launching it safely to allow them to get critical live video of their surroundings. They then had to deploy the drone during a livr exersize to help them secure their food deployment to the locals during a disaster. This was an amazing experience and we hope to continue this great relationship with @humanitarianU

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