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Team Building + Amp Me

We spent the day with the Startup Amp Me at their new offices in Montreal doing a drone racing team building. 

  • Learn how drones work
  • Learn how to build a drone
  • Practiced flying on a drone simulator
  • Piloted a microdrone line of sight
  • Piloted with FPV goggles on
  • Raced microdrones again coworkers

What’s all the hype about !?

We use Drones to bring fun, new experiences & the gift of flight to the mundane corporate world


Doing Something new for the first time such as flying a micro drone creates a strong memory of the experience with others.


The gift of flight brings you back to the feeling of being a kid again and playing.


Having fun together with a shared experience of doing something that makes you laugh while learning a new skill.


Flying drones combines spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination brings people outside their box.

Team Building Packages

We can curate a drone team building event for your company

Introduction to flying

  • 1 Professional Pilot
  • 2 drone Activities
  • 10 people or less
  • 4 Drone kits
  • 1 Prize

Half Day - Fly & Race

4/ hr
  • 2 Professional Pilot
  • 3 drone Activities
  • 20 people or less
  • 6 drones kits
  • 2 prizes

Full Day - Build, Fly & Race

8/ hr
  • 3 Professional Pilot
  • 4 drone Activities
  • 30 people or less
  • 8 drones kits
  • 3 prizes

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