Ready! Set! Go! Drone Expo!

 The Canadian Drone Academy (CDA) will be featured as the title sponsor for the Vancouver Drone Expo on August 19th at the Burnaby Sports Complex. The expo will host the West Coast Canadian Drone Nationals racing qualifier and an International Drone Racing Association (IDRA) race. In addition to competition, the curious, drone hobbyists and racing pros alike are invited to partake in the family friendly and educational events offered by the Canadian Drone Academy. “The Canadian Drone Academy was created to easily get people into drone racing and the hobby,” says Nick Iversen, founder of the Canadian Drone Academy, “we are very happy to support the Vancouver drone expo by bringing educational content and experiences to this great event, allowing people to try it out first hand.” 

The Canadian Drone Academy pop-up booth will be fun for all. We will be handing out academy stickers, shirts, and other swag to celebrate the new chapter. Attendees are invited to fly micro-drones (ages 10 & up) and experience a world of aerial adventure with FPV micro-drone rides. Committed to education, CDA will host an information booth and run a small micro drone race to showcase what potential students can learn from their building drones 101 class. Those who can’t get enough, are welcome to purchase their very own micro-drones on-site and encouraged to unlock their full flight potential with The Canadian Drone Academy’s various flight classes. Most exciting of all, a lucky guest will win a Learn to Fly 101 class.

For the Canadian Drone Academy, this year’s West coast expo comes with the launch of the Vancouver Drone Academy. With the excitement of the 2017 National Drone racing qualifiers taking place, it’s only natural for Vancouver to be home to the first official chapter. The Vancouver drone academy chapter will be managed by the FPV Vancouver team led by Ronald and April Meza the amazing husband and wife. “The FVP Vancouver chapter covers not only the main city but the whole western lower mainland,” shares Ronald, “[we have] 200 members, some of them are also part of the Canadian FPV national team.” In regards to this year’s qualifiers he says, “we’re about to throw a National qualifier, something never seen before in this city.”

The West Coast qualifiers will draw the best drone racers from the West coast, the points that pilots accumulate over the 2017 season will determine who comes out on top. Only 32 of the best pilots will move on to the Canadian Drone National Finals in Ottawa on October 13th and 14th. Pilots will also be able to race for points towards IDRA Challengers Cup competitions where they will have the opportunity to compete against the top pilots in the world. For more information on the IDRA Challengers Cup

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