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Canadian Drone Academy was invited to the annual Priory school fundraiser "FORE" kids at the Metropolitan golf course in Montreal on may 18th 2017.

Helios Makerspace and the Canadian Drone Academy announced their partnership with a Spring 2017 open house. Guests of all ages were introduced to the new e-learning feature on the Canadian Drone Academy website and learned of the future drone courses that will taught at Helios Makerspace. Guest questions were answered, drones flew and Canadian Academy swag was handed out. One lucky winner received a free flying drones 101 course! The response from everyone was amazing and we had a many people sign up for our building drones 101 courses.  

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We had an amazing opportunity to bring flying FPV and micro drone racing to 1000 people during the night @ Printemps du MAC’s “Jungala” XI edition.  Everyone just loved the experience of flying around the museum on our micro drones flown by our expert pilots von & JM, you can see the video below. Canadian Drone Academy offers companies brand activation through creating interactive & immersive experiences around flying drones.  We bring something new, exciting and cutting edge to your audience and give them something they have never done: flying a drone and experiencing what i feels like to be a bird.  If your company needs brand activation at events or would like to do something new to drive some marketing towards your brand then we have something unique.  Contact us for a quote.

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The Canadian Drone Academy had the pleasure to go over the new AMP Me offices to do some team building by teaching them how to build and fly some small micro FPV drones. We started the day with some basic Canadian rules & regulations to ensure that everyone has a good overview to operate a drone safely. We covered some basic theory around how drones work and their uses across many industries. We then sat down to do some hands on building of these micro drones with the team where we taught them the basic of soldering and how to build the drone. From there we got everyone up to do some basic flying 101 where everyone learned to use the controller to fly the drones in visual line of sight.

We will be going back the the AMP Me offices to follow up with them and teach them to fly FPV with our flying FPV 101 class. We will be even setting up a full micro drone racing track around their offices so they can enjoy racing around their drones whenever they need a brake from work.

We hope to get other startups involved with drone racing by offering the same team building course to eventually have a companies that would compete against each other under the FPV Canada drone racing league. If you're company is interested in doing team building with Canadian drone academy feel free to email us or call.

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We have bought a fleet of Tiny FPV Drones and they are very easy and fun to fly. They are inexpensive and can take a good beating, they can be flown indoors and anyone from the ages of 10 and up can easily learn to fly this in a few hours.
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