Flying Simulators Course Overview

Learning to fly a drone can be difficult & you dont want to crash you next expensive drone cause you dont know how to fly. Our first course for everyone to take to learn the basics of how to fly a drone on the computer. Flying Simulators 101 is for all ages and comes with a RC remote and a usb cable that allows you to connect the controller to the computer and fly any simulator. We offer a range of free and paid simulators that you can try out during the 2 hour course with one of our expert pilots. Take the controller home and download your favorite game and start to practice before you take the next course in the series Learn To Fly Drones 101.

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Included in this course

Get access to our community of Pilots, Teachers & students through our website from your computer, tablet or phone.  You can download our android or IOS app to do live video chatting your teachers.

Course content is constantly updated on our website and we update current news and information related to your courses so you can stay up to date with all the latest news about drones 24/7.

Live Video Support

Get your official Canadian Drone Academy certification after graduating from your classes.   Access all your certificates on your pilot profile online on our website and share it with anyone on the internet

Get access to your own teacher & mentor via our website or app. Ask questions on the forums,  connect with teachers via live video conference, do screen sharing to get help & interact on a live white board.

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Access all of your courses curriculum, content, videos, photos, forum posts and certifications in your online pilot profile.  You can even add friends, join groups, attend events and post in the community.

Get help when your having trouble with your drone, our teachers will help you find the right answer and fix your problems through our website or our live chat app or even our screen sharing software.


Simulator USB Cables

Compatible with

  • Rotor Sports
  • Freerider
  • Hot props
  • Lift off
  • DRL Simulator
  • FPV Air Tracks



Drone Specifications

  • Channels: 6 Channels
  • Model Type: Fixed-wing/Drone/Airplane
  • RF Range: 2.40-2.48GHz
  • Bandwidth: 500KHz
  • Band: 142
  • RF power:less than 20dBm
  • RF.receiver sensitivity:-105dBm
  • 2.4ghz System: AFHDS 2A
  • Code Type: GFSK
  • ANT length: 26mm
  • Weight:6.4g
  • Power:4.0-6.5V
  • Size: 40.4x21.1x7.35mm

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: 

How does a controller work

  • Power & turning it on
  • How the settings work
  • How trim works
  • How to use the aux channels
  • How to set the aux channel
  • How to bind your controller
  • Connecting to a computer
  • Download games
  • Configuring the controller to games
  • What does each stick do

Lesson 2: 

The Basics of flying

  • Mastering throttle
  • holding position
  • Using yaw to rotate
  • Using pitch & roll
  • Flying away from yourself
  • Flying towards yourself
  • Combining Yaw & rolls
  • Flying figure eights
  • Landing & Take off
  • Doing Flips
  • Using the modes

Lesson 3: 

Flying test & exam

  • Throttle control test
  • Yaw control test
  • pitch control test
  • Roll control test
  • Forward flight test
  • Towards flight test
  • Overall flight test
  • Safety test
  • Rules & regulations test.
  • Presentation of the pilot certificate


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