We Curate STEM Drone Clubs

Our Club Activites

We help schools & organizations to create educationals STEM programs using drones


Our STEM curriculum teaches students about how drones work & the technologies behind them.


We provide tested standardized quality parts so students are all building the same drones & equipment.


Students will practice hand-eye coordination & learn to fly through our simulators & flying lessons.


Students are engaged by competing against each other & other schools on standardized race tracks.

What We DO

Immersive learning experiences around STEM

  1. Introduction to drones experience.
  2. Immersive educational drone experience day.
  3. Creating STEM drone clubs in schools across Canada
  4. Intramural drone racing events + E-sports
  5. Curated Drone learning experiences


We Have Worked With

Hands On

Tech Education Re-Designed with Fun!

Learning to build drones is very hands-on teaches students multiple disciplines they need to learn around STEM. Our approach is to engage students with fun by teaching them to build a drone & race it against other students & schools. When a drone breaks students learn to fix the problem so they can continue having fun.

Create Your Team

We help your school create its own drone club that allows students to compete against each other across Canada while learning STEM!